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About Us

We would like to thank you for your continuous patronage for 41 years. BioEnergy has been supplying natural health supplements to consumers worldwide.

For years, throughout the natural health food industry, BioEnergy has been well known for its U.S. patented 24 hour action Controlled-Time-Release CTR vitamins, nutrients as well as other natural supplements.

We are the original and true BioEnergy since 1978. Our BioEnergy name was registered in 1981 in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a registered trademark  to make and sell nutritional supplements.

Please do not get confused with BIOENERGY NUTRIENTS CO. in Boulder, Colorado who has been infringing on our BIOENERGY name.

We are always dedicated not only to research and development for the most effective supplements (see The New York Times article) including SGP standardized guaranteed potency herbal extracts in U.S. patented time release and Q-RELEASEâ formula but also to faster and more efficient service to our long and loyal customers as well as new customers.

You can now order BIOENERGY SUPPLEMENTS not only through our website (, but also through catalogs and through better health foods stores.

BioEnergy would like to invite you to try the world's most effective vitamins, herbs & nutrients  in the natural health food industry.

Thank you very much again.


The professionals at BioEnergy

A screen-shot with Dick Cavet and Dr. Jang from the movie "Health"

The process involves dry direct compression of ethyl cellulose, wax and other materials. The inventor has a Ph.D. in Bio-chemistry from Princeton. He believes that most drugs can be worked into a once-a-day tablet form.




24-Hour Time Release
In Drug Dosage System

A controlled time-release dosage system for drugs and vitamins, which can keep them at work for as long as 24 hours, was patented this week by Choong-Gook Jang for the Tech Trade Corporation, New Brunswick, NJ.

BioEnergy Inc., Mr. Jang's employer, also in New Brunswick, has been using the process under the license to produce time-release pellets for several years under patent 4,590,062. Licenses are available to other producers. 


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