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Benefits of CTR Supplements

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Since most nutrients are either utilized or excreted within a few hours, the continuous supply of these nutrients is absolutely required and can only result from the slow digestion of food stuffs and supplements in our gastrointestinal tract.

Ordinary vitamin tablets release nutrients in the stomach within an hour or less, and all the nutrients are absorbed immediately into the blood stream. CTR Controlled Time Release tablets slow down the release of nutrients considerably longer than any other existing tablets, emulating the natural process of controlled time release.

According to Table 1, when you take an ordinary 1000 mg tablet OF VITAMIN C not produced by the CTR patented process, 909 mg are excreted and wasted WITHIN A FEW HOURS and before they can be utilized by the body. This is simply because Vitamin C can only be stored in a small quantity and for a short time. For B vitamins, the excretion rates are even faster (B1 -- 20 minutes) (See Figures 4, 5, and 6). The intense yellow color in the urine shortly after the ingestion of ordinary vitamin tablets is indicative of its quick excretion rate (See Figure 9). Therefore, to get full 24-hour benefits from NON-CTR ordinary tablets, they must be taken REPEATEDLY throughout the day and night, a costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient requirement.

Table 1: Excretion of Vitamin C at Different Levels of Intake**



1000*                                   909                                        91

   350                                       259                                       91

200                                       109                                       91


50                                         39                                        11

               Intake (mg)             Urinary Excretion (mg)    Amount Retained


*Extrapolated values.
** Taken from The Vitamins (Vol. 1, p. 502), edited by W. H. Sebrell & R.S. Harris with the permission of copyright owners Academic Press.

When you take 1000 mg of vitamin C in a CTR Controlled Time Release tablet, a small amount, 50 to 100 mg, is continuously released every hour and absorbed and utilized at a rate of 80% utilization and only 20% loss. CTR¹s once-a-day dosage will obviously provide a high level of vitamin C and other water-soluble nutrients continuously throughout the day and night instead of only a few hours. Furthermore, CTR provides greater absorption efficiencies ( 200 to 400% greater bio-availability) and therefore, MAXIMUM BENEFITS (See Figures 7 , 8 & 9). One other benefit of CTR controlled time release which should not be ignored is the prevention of the sudden, all-out dumping of nutrients through a more natural release. This is especially important because the dumping of nutrients at high concentrations into the body can upset not only the GI tract but also the entire body¹s metabolism. This upsurge of nutrients often induces the hunger pang. Among other benefits, the Controlled-Time-Release of minerals from a CTR tablet reduces the shock to the GI tract and, moreover, increases the chance for more efficient absorption.

CTR tablets are guaranteed for 100% release and the maximum assimilation because the release of nutrients from the tablet is dependent only upon water in the GI tract. Although CTR tablets may cost a little more than other brands, taking CTR tablets is actually cost-effective since one tablet provides for the continuous and even release of nutrients all day at the rate your body can use efficiently (longer acting and greater absorption.)

The potential of controlled time release with its many benefits is immense. Taking CTR Controlled Time Release tablets is perhaps the most rational and most effective way of taking nutrients.


* US Patents # 4,590,602 & 4,882,167


Many vitamin companies advertise once-a-day dosages which, it is claimed, will give you the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need to meet the demands of your day. Only one company can substantiate this claim. BIOENERGY®¹s CTR®’ NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS are produced by a process so effective for the controlled time release of vitamins and other nutritional supplements that it is protected by US and foreign patents.*


CTR tablets are maximally effective because they provide 16 to 24-hour sustained levels of nutrients in the bloodstream, a claim other vitamin companies cannot make (See Figures 3, 6, 7, and 8).


As we digest the foods we eat, nutrients are released slowly and continuously. These nutrients (some broken down into smaller molecules, some remaining intact) are absorbed into the blood stream and carried to all tissues and cells of the body. This process is Controlled Time Release (CTR). (See Figures 1 & 2).














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