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100% Natural Process!
No chemical solvent for coating, no heat, no artificial colors and flavors, and no preservatives

Scientifically & Clinically Proven for Over 22 years Natural Vitamins, Minerals, Standardized Herbal Extracts, Herbs, Amino Acids and Nutraceuticals

Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee!



Alan H. Nittler, MDFormer Editor, Journal of the International Academy of Nutritional Consultants, Huntington Beach, California

Your development of CTR Controlled Time Release tablets is a real breakthrough. I have tried many such type products in the past only to be unimpressed. Yours seem to be working and my wife and I noticed an apparent effect almost with the very first tablet taken.

Judson D. Ryon, Former President, National Nutritional Food Association Owner of Juice-O-Mat, Wilmington, Delaware

Just a short letter to tell you of the spectacular success we are having with your controlled time release 24-hour CTR vitamin C. I have been in this business for 44 years and without a doubt this is one of the biggest advances in vitamin history in the last 30 years (since Dr. Shute introduced Vitamin E).

Mrs. Bonnie K. Miller, Monrovia, California

I have taken many, many food supplements, but really noticed a difference when I took your 24-hour CTR vitamins and minerals. Thanks for making such a splendid product.

Michele D. DosePlaza International Hotel, San Diego, California

After spending years of searching and a fortune in cash, I came across your 'CTR Multi V+M` Vitamins. Since trying it a couple of years ago and becoming quite sold on it, I have converted almost everyone I work with as well as my family, to this vitamin. As I had promised, they noticed very nice results, from healthier nails to better complexions and overall better health.

Mrs. Christine Benedict, Harrison, Ohio

For the past few years I have been purchasing your Controlled Time Release 24-hour CTR vitamins. Although a bit more expensive, I really think your vitamins worth the money. I can definitely tell a difference when I started taking them instead of the regular vitamin line from the store. I also found them to be more effective than Shaklee products, and they are more expensive than your brand.

Mary Ellen Morrow, New York City, New York

I work at N.Y.U. Medical Center and have access to much of the literature available on many nutritional topics. I have discovered the benefits of L-Glutamine this year and more recently discovered your CTR Controlled Time Release version. I am really appreciating the benefits of the CTR L-Glutamine. The supplement really has energized me and totally gotten my carbohydrate/sugar addiction under control

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